A unique look for a Catalan restaurant in Brazil
Cala del Tanit is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, run by a Catalan chef in São Paulo. We were called to develop a visual identity for the brand that tells about history, affection, and the joy that fresh and light food can bring. Therefore, we used complementary elements inserted in the shapes of the words' characters to create the logo, such as typical mediterranean animals. Figures from the chef's childhood come to life through artificial intelligence in photos from memory. Thus, the reconstruction of an affective environment, a 'Cala' in São Paulo, was recreated.

My dear team: Beatriz Ricci, Camila Kintzel, Igor França, Rafa Ferro, Lorenah Oliveira
Video/Photography: Juliana Primon
Production: Ateliê Daud, Thiago Monaco
Motion: Renato Medeiros
Cala, the restaurant's name, is a reference to small beaches along the coast of Spain. Around these calas, Mediterranean life unfolds, with fishermen and cooks, net menders, and fishmongers. Replicating the joy, beauty, and culture of a Spanish Cala was essential in this project. Chef Oscar Bosch guided us in translating the Mediterranean essence of his cala - Cambrils - for the Brazilian palate.

Artificial Intelligence, particularly the use of MidJourney, was used to create two elements of the cocktail menu. Images of Spanish archetypes reminiscent of the 1980s were generated with a prompt collaboratively developed with the client, who described uncles, characters from their village, and other significant elements crucial for reviving their emotional memory. The drinks were also conceptualized by artificial intelligence, in a prompt co-created with the in-house mixologist chef.

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