We have been called for a total rebranding of an agency already established in the local market of Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Publico Digital acts as a site producer and digital agency and would like to establish itself as a full service company that could serve its customers beyond their digital needs. The process involved changing the name of the company and dividing it into two fronts, with two brands: the old, dedicated to the production of technology and the new, specialized in communication and advertising for any media. 


To create a new name for the company, we went through a collective brainstorming process, seeking inspiration from the creative team and board and listing the key strengths and goals to be achieved. After a few rounds of discussion and suggestions, the name Oodles was suggested and approved. This name, positive and fun in its pronunciation and writing, also brought in itself the idea of ​​multiplicity, which is the focus of work in this new moment of the agency. It also modernizes the communication approach, which was previously very dated in the digital-offline dichotomy. 
The Público Digital name still fits well with the company specializing in digital products and its presence gives comfort to customers who hire the company for these services, but it does not fit for 360 communication present in Oodles reality today. 
After defining the name, we started the work of creating a brand. We opted for minimalism, also wanted by the client in his communication. A well chosen type, which reinforces the rounds of the double "O" at the beginning of the name. In addition, the use of low caps in the mark reinforces the rounded of most letters, creating the effect of a chain, only elongated in the "d" and "l". 

A vibrant palette, based on pink, yellow and blue, very solid in their applications, reinforced the vivacious spirit of the brand. The use of the name itself as a line for the construction of forms completes the communication and contrasts in the creations. This brings modernity and reinforces the idea of ​​multiplicity by the repetition of the name. 

As a concept, we opted for the open formula Comunicação muito mais (communication much more), which reinforces in portuguese the meaning of the name and can be deployed in different adjectives that amplify the communication wanted at the moment. This concept was thought to last and reinforce communication in time, varying according to the moment. 

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