We were called to help conceptualize an architecture and design studio in Barcelona, ​​Spain. At the briefing, the request for a name and a brand that reflected the personality of the major architect, her goals and interests. 


For the definition of the name of the studio, we went searching for tastes, interests and even personality traits of our client. From interviews and informal conversations, we learned that the studio had as a goal the presentation of perfect projects, executed with excellence in the smallest details. This care with detail inspired the whole conceptualization of space. The name, Mil·limètric, which in Catalan means Millimeter, was chosen for its meaning and also for its graphic representation, with the detail of the visual pause, sonority and alliterations. 
After the name approval, we began the visual development of the brand. In this case, the name almost called for its formal representation.
The extremely fine and delicate type, the presence of the spaces on the word indicated the possibility of a construction in rule. And that was exactly the path chosen. Thus, we opted for applications that reinforce this idea and also bring as an element the alliterations present in the brand as visual palindromes. 

We have therefore chosen horizontal applications at the bottom of the stationery, creating the double visual effect of name and ruler, and applications in palindromes such as rounded seals. In the color palette, white and black, with possibility of other applications in grayscale, reinforcing the minimalism and the precision of traces.

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