Oitici is a brand with a Brazilian body and a cosmopolitan mind, that wants to show the world how to be urban and tropical - and what it’s like to dress gorgeously under the sun. Its name is a tribute to the tropicalist artist Hélio Oiticica, and gains melody with the alliteration of the letter i. Its colors come from a Brazilian urban beach inspiration, sassy and sweet. For the identity, we built an exclusive font, in which every individual letter becomes a symbol, that can be remixed, built into patterns and different applications. With a unique (and virtually infinite) graphic system, Oitici shows us that a tropicalized world can be a prettier world.

Team: Beatriz Ricci, Camila Kintzel, Cami Sato, Igor França, Rafa Ferro, Renato Medeiros, William Hebling
Packaging Photos: Beard Studio
Video/Photography: Messs Studios

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