Our client arrived with a very open and challenging briefing: a flamenco studio in one of the noblest areas of São Paulo with the combination of tradition and modernity to reflect the creator's passion for the gypsy culture, a true version without any preconceied ideas, a common problem faced by many similar businesses. 

The brand concept had to be started from scratch, with naming, logo, visual identity and even changes in the studio's physical space by a full partnership with the group of architects selected for the work where we could bring creative suggestions for the place. 


We started the project by developing names. Caló, the word that the Romany Iberian people call their language in its original, had the sonority, the visual beauty and the power of a short and simple word, full of meanings. Like flamenco, the word Caló also dances in our mouths when being pronounced. The homage to the tradition is given here in its most proper sense, unveiling the language of the honorees to dance also in the name of the studio. 

Getting the OK for the name, we began to build their identity. Traits of personality, way of being in the world and its look and feel.
We chose to work the logo with a simple and classic, rounded and feminine font, but withdrawing it from its traditional horizontal position and placing it standing on the move, as well as the dancer. The accent mark on the fourth letter invokes the comb, traditional accessory of the flamenco dancers, completing visually that logo-figure that seems to be always in movement. 

The circles that go along with the communication also refers to the costumes used in flamenco dance, but here it does not appear as an obvious pattern and a caricature of tradition. Instead, they give structure to the logo, functioning as a neutral background or scenario, depending on the application. 

In color, the choice of the pallete was inspired by that used in carts from the beginning of the last century - main means of locomotion of the romany in that time. Blue and red, primary colors full of visual power, gain a deliberate fading, as if they had remained in the sun and time, once again honoring the tradition of a secular culture. 

In the construction of the personality, we created Caló, a space that joins the feminine, the artistic and the full experimentation in s strong and determined view, that does not deny history but honors it and rescues this past to brings it in a way of mixing all of this in contemporary world. A space that reinvents itself in every movement, as well as the gypsies and the flamenco that inspired it. 

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