Create the visual communication of a permanent street festival, found by app, which happens with street musicians all year round in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Name and visual solutions that works both in the digital environment and in the street, communicating in a positive and integrated way. 

For the creation of the brand, we start from the grid of the musical staff (pentagram) and arranging the letters as in a composition. This type plays a dual function here: music and reference to the steps of people on the streets.
As the basis of the Callejeando communication is digital, we choose to play with the typography, making it always be in movement, lightly dancing, whenever it presents itself in non-static means. 

For print, we use only color or B & W filters, artists and the public, and the type in its deconstructed composition on the agenda. The more unusual red washed tone also creates a constant in communication, making the ads easily recognized on the streets.
Concept: Rafa Ferro, Marcelo Pollara

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